Follow This Iconic Alaska Trail For An Unforgettable Journey

In 1896, the news spread of the Klondike Gold Rush and people came from all over the world to seek their fortune in the far north. When many arrived by steam-powered ship to the drop off point, they were in the picturesque town of Skagway. At that time Skagway exploded in size and suddenly become a base camp for all these adventurers on their first stop in the arctic. The next step was the Chilkoot.

The Chilkoot Trail is the steep 33-mile journey those early pioneers had to take to access the Gold Rush boom town Dawson City. The first step was the climb up the Chilkoot Trail. Follow in the footsteps of the Gold Rush miners and experience a piece of the history of Alaska. The hike is a stunning exploration of a beautiful part of the world.

In Alaska, the Chilkoot still represents an arduous crossing and a right of passage. Take this amazing journey to discover an amazing spot in Alaska and feel the thrill those pioneers must have felt.

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