13 Strange Habits Every Alaskan Will Defend To The Death

People in Alaska live far from the rest of the standard U.S. and the culture is unique to those on the edge of the world. Of course, there are differences between the city folk and those in rural areas, but overall Alaskans have these habits and will defend them to the death to an outsider. You’ll be able to spot a local a mile away once you know what habits of Alaskans you need to look for!

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Address: Alaska, USA
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Habits Of Alaskans

June 17, 2020

What are weird things that Alaskans do?

Due to the geography of our state, we are pretty isolated and this gorgeous land is a place all to itself. Because of that, we do things differently than the lower 48. Notably, we’re more casual in our dress and every day life; in fact, some Alaskans get married in Xtratuf’s, and flannel is very popular in our state. We also are accustomed to some pretty cold temperatures, so when the thermometer hits above freezing, you’ll see many Alaskans embracing the “warm weather” and throw on some shorts and flip flops. This would seem pretty weird to the rest of the country. 

How is Alaska different from the lower 48?

Besides the obvious differences of extreme temperatures and geography that you don’t see anywhere else in the United States, Alaskans are overall a more relaxed bunch. Outside of Anchorage municipality, you won’t really see rush hour traffic here unless its Alaskans coming home from a weekend of fishing and camping, or there’s construction blocking that two lane highway. Our “dollar menu” has had its named changed to “value menu,” and it’s never cheaper than $1.99. No matter where you go in Alaska, you are a short drive away from miles and miles of empty wilderness to explore. 

Alaskans are a special breed, especially because of their amazing generosity. Someone need help getting their car out of a ditch? You’ll have dozens of offers before you even have time to call a tow truck. We’re a hardy, fun loving, caring bunch.

Address: Alaska, USA