The Single Greatest Spot In Alaska To View The Northern Lights

The second largest city in Alaska has so much more to offer than just the convenience of modern day amenities. In fact, because Fairbanks is such an excellent place to view the Northern Lights, National Geographic magazine just listed the city at the tippy-top of their short list of the most magical places in the entire world to view auroras. If you haven’t ever been aurora chasing in Alaska’s golden heart city, we have no doubt that you’ll be wanting to add this natural phenomenon experience to the very top of your 2017 Alaska bucket list. Just see for yourself…

If you’ve never seen the Northern Lights, you don’t want to miss this captivating YouTube video captured in 4K real time from the city of Fairbanks.

If you’re in the golden heart city, be sure to check out this mind-blowing ice museum that’s way too cool for words. Not in Fairbanks? Then you don’t want to miss this Aurora Borealis road trip through Alaska that’s downright magical. For more great articles and incredible video footage from Alaska, be sure to check us out online HERE.