Located off McCarthy Road in Chitina, Alaska is this truly astonishing abandoned copper mine. After its establishment in 1903, this powerful place went on to become home to 5 separate mines. Over $200 million worth of ore was produced here, making it one of the largest mineral producers in the entire world. The abandoned buildings, many of which can still be found in rough shackles, were once home to miners and their families. It was a bustling mining camp that demanded intense manual labor and paid workers very desirable salaries that were much higher than the lower 48. However, by 1938, the dream came to an end and the entire place was a ghost town.

Now believed by many to be haunted, there are even Ghost Town Walking Tours offered to visitors interested in checking out this truly grim yet historically enchanting area. As you explore the 14-story building in detail, it’s impossible not to think about what the walls would say if they could talk. The gold mine and camp is now a National Historic Landmark District operated by the National Park Service. This place has become a very popular tourist attraction, for good reason. As you watch the footage, you will see that it appears as though everyone just packed up and never looked back. Albeit grim, it is incredible to see so much of this historic place still standing to this day.

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