This Epic Alaska Aquarium Is Perfect For A Family Day Trip

The Alaska Sealife Center in Seward is an absolutely incredible place to explore sea life and learn about the science of the ocean. This celebration of aquatic creatures in Alaska houses ocean mammals, fish, and invertebrates. You can feel, touch, and learn all about the creatures that live along Alaska’s coast. The aquarium is a rescue center for marine mammals that have been abandoned, stranded, or injured. They help them recuperate and study marine wildlife and ecosystems, doing their best to return animals to the wild if they will survive on their own.

An Alaska Sealife Center visit is a wonderful experience for families, classes, or any group wanting to experience the wonder of the ocean. It makes for an excellent romantic setting as well, basking in the blue glow of the underwater tanks and imagining what life is like under the sea. If you are anywhere near Seward, don’t miss this peek into the life of the water in Alaska.

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