Uh Oh…Here Are The 8 Drunkest Places In Alaska

It’s dark, it’s cold, it’s snowing… and did I mention it’s only 4 pm? What’s left to do other than grab a cold one with friends for the next 6 hours? Calm down, I’m joking! Alaskans don’t spend their time drinking because there is nothing better to do but, on a per capita basis, Alaska has 40% more bars than the country’s average. I think that’s saying something, guys!

Seeing as people are spread pretty thin across Alaska considering its size and population, it’s hard to assess the “drunkest” boroughs and census areas without addressing the density of people and businesses that serve alcohol in that area. For a more accurate depiction of the “drunkest” places in Alaska, we’ve compiled a list of boroughs and census areas with over 10,000 people and then found the recorded amount of bars per capita via Find The Home. All in all, we feel we have a decent idea of which of these places in Alaska get their drink on the most.

Did any of these surprise you? Let me know what you think in the comments below.