This Drone Footage Shows Alaska Fly Fishing Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

Fishing in Alaska is one of those ‘bucket list’ items that makes it on everyone’s list, even if they aren’t avid anglers. Even if catching trophy rainbow trout or huge salmon isn’t really your forte, there is so much to be said for that feeling that you get when you are deep within remote, wild Alaska – free from all modern technology and those creature comforts that we have come to rely upon way too much. Just you, a fly rod and nothing but the sounds of nature surrounding you. The feeling that you get could be best described as transcending and utterly magical. Unless of course you are too mesmerized to actually put your thoughts into words, then the only feeling that you will get is pure speechlessness.

This gorgeous video featuring drone footage from Angler’s Alibi in King Salmon, AK is incredibly enchanting. When visiting Alaska’s premier remote fishing lodge, it is no surprise that you will have the opportunity to get epic opportunities to land trophy rainbow trout, huge king salmon (along with the four other species of salmon), arctic char and graying. But the up-close-and-personal wildlife viewing, phenomenal sunsets and the endless remote beauty that surrounds you (without ANY crowds) is what has us really ‘geeking out’ over this place. Oh and the Alagnak River and stunning sights of Katmai National Park & Preserve are pretty hard to beat as well. We are convinced that this video will be the coolest thing you see all summer, without a doubt. Enjoy! đŸ™‚

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