Near the small town of Telkeetna, Alaska, there is a house unlike any other. Standing 185-feet-tall and towering over the landscape, this structure looks like something you might find in a Dr. Seuss book; but, unlike the beloved children’s stories, “this house is real, it’s not a fantasy,” says Phillip Weidner, the creator, builder, and owner of this incredible house.

You may have heard of the “Dr. Seuss House,” but with all of the far-fetched tales popping up about this one-of-a-kind spot, Exploring The Obscure decided it was time to head to Alaska to get the REAL story, straight from the mastermind himself.

The stories you’ve heard are bizarre, far-fetched, and have become almost legendary over the past decade… but they are all are wrong. Mr. Weidner didn’t set out to build a fantastic, fictional place… he wasn’t even planning to create Goose Creek Tower (the structure’s TRUE name) as it stands today.

The project started as a two-story cabin, but once he got started, Mr. Weidner let his mind (and engineering degree) take over. Two stories became three, then four, five, six, seven…at this point, there is no “official” number of floors; ladders and staircases link the sections together, and if you were to count these, the building is between 14 and 17 stories tall. Sure, it’s a long way to the top, but once you get there, the view can’t be beat. On a clear day, Mr. Weidner can see for over 300 miles in all directions.

After 18 years, Goose Creek Tower is still under construction. Mr. Weidner is rarely asked exactly what he’s constructing here, which is a shame, as the false legends are carried on and never questioned. Eventually, it will be his family’s home, complete with a spot at the top where he can sit back, relax, and write poetry under the Northern Lights in the incredible house that he calls his “Poem to the Sky.”

Please note: Goose Creek Tower is a private residence and the property is well monitored for trespassers. If you do happen upon it, please respect Mr. Weidner’s privacy and do not enter. The building is still under construction and is not open to visitors.

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