This Denali Climb In Alaska Became One Of The Deadliest In History

This extreme expedition to summit North America’s tallest peak has forever left a dark, deadly stain on Alaska’s history. Since the time of the deadliest climb in history on Denali, over 100 more lives have been lost on the mountain. Today this climb has really become an industry within itself, and mountaineers die every year from reasons such as heart attacks and falls. Only the brave shall attempt and only the strong shall survive. But when the harsh elements of the weather system come into play, no one is safe on America’s most notorious mountain.

For just a brief look into the Denali climbing experience, check out this excellent YouTube footage below.

You might also enjoy this gripping footage of ‘The Denali Experiment’ where a professional free-ride skier and a big-mountain snowboarder takes on North America’s tallest peak.

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