Here Are The 5 Most Dangerous Towns In Alaska To Live In

In Alaska we face many dangers on a daily basis. Encountering grumpy wildlife at the wrong place and time, battling snow and ice encrusted roads, bundling up against below freezing temperatures, even avalanches are a daily threat when touring backcountry. But what may possibly be the scariest of it all is the fact that the Anchorage Metro area is ranked the most dangerous place to live in the west.

According to the FBI’s latest crime data from the year 2013, the Anchorage Metro area is the most violent and dangerous place to live in the west based on the crime to population ratio. If you’re from Alaska and thinking of moving to a different part of the state or if you’re considering moving to Alaska take into account the more dangerous places to live according to our following list.

Though these cities may be more dangerous, they certainly aren’t boring.