You’ll Never Want To Leave This Spectacular Underrated Camping Spot In Alaska

Hop on this one epic hike that will lead you straight into another country, and get ready to experience a true hidden gem in Alaska’s backcountry. Canyon City Campground is located along the Chilkoot Trail inside the lush wilderness area of Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park. Experience the pristine beauty of the Taiya River while crossing swinging suspension bridges high in the air. Plus, the major dose of history that you’ll stumble upon just steps away from camp will blow your mind. This is truly a one-of-a-kind camping destination that avid outdoor lovers are guaranteed to love.

If hiking and tent camping isn’t really what you’re into, be sure to check out this historic train ride in Alaska that will lead you straight into another country. The awe-inspiring views along the way are guaranteed to give you the most incredible dose of eye-candy ever. For more great articles and incredible video footage from Alaska, be sure to check us out online HERE.