The Underrated Glacier Hike In Alaska That Everyone Will Love

Make your way to Alaska’s Portage Valley and head towards this short, sweet hike that is positively enchanting. This 14-mile-long isthmus that connects the Kenai Peninsula to mainland Alaska is filled with a plethora of natural attractions. From the lush beauty of the Chugach National Forest to the immense glacial sights that will greet you at every twist and turn, there is simply no denying how magical this idyllic landscape is. While the most recognized hiking attraction in the area is to Portage Glacier, the underrated hike to Byron Glacier is a perfect day hike fit for entire families to enjoy.

While we loved showing you just how magical this hike is during the snowy, winter months – don’t forget to check out how the experience will look during the summertime months by watching the great YouTube video below. Be safe out there, adventure hounds!

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