Only In Alaska Will You See Something Like This In Your Backyard

In rural Alaska, a moose fight between two huge bulls is pretty much a given, especially while they are rutting. But to walk out your front door in suburbia and see it happen is a completely different story. That is exactly what happened in this quiet Anchorage neighborhood and the fight is intense.

As the video plays you’ll see that one moose appears to have something wrapped around it’s antler, which seems to distract him a bit as he is trying to gain ground during the fight. This forceful fight caused quite the spectacle on these peaceful, sleepy streets. Watch closely and you’ll see that cars start to line up and even patrons walking their dog stop to watch in amazement (and whip out their cameras). It doesn’t get more ‘Only In Alaska‘ than this!

Alaska is a wild place filled with unforgettable moments. If you live here or have ever visited, we’re sure that you could definitely agree. On that same note, we bet that you’ll love these 20 extremely weird things only people from Alaska do. Get prepared to laugh out loud!