This Beer Train In Alaska Will Give You The Ride Of A Lifetime

Take a ride on the Alaska Railroad for the most fun you’ve had all year! The HooDoo Choo Choo is as wild as it sounds: a train full of Alaskans drinking the finest local Microbrews and no one has to drive home. Beer enthusiasts will enjoy an evening of Oktoberfest-style fun aboard the HooDoo Choo Choo beer train.

HooDoo Brewing Company is a local brewery in Fairbanks making a variety of craft beers. Their popular taproom is packed on most early evenings with the after work crowd, and they make sure to fill their growlers before they head out camping. HooDoo partners with LaVelle’s Bistro and the Alaska Railroad to offer a special beer train once a year in September. All board the HooDoo Choo Choo for beer train excitement, as crazy as Alaska.

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