The Awe-Inspiring Drone Footage That Shows You Alaska’s Wilderness Like Never Before

If you’re like us and you get madly excited about Alaska’s sheer beauty at the simple glimpse of a sunrise, this video is sure to completely captivate you. Watch as the drone flies high into the air and captures the most awe-inspiring rugged wilderness views. Simply put; it is food dessert for the soul. It’s more eye-candy than you’ll be able to digest in one setting. So watch, absorb, and then get ready to watch about three more times afterward. Yes, it’s actually that good!

Watch fascinating views over south-central Alaska looking towards Cook Inlet from Anchorage and the Chugach State Park. Travel down to the Kenai Peninsula and experience glimpses of glaciers that make your jaw drop in amazement. Head to the lush southeast region of the 49th state and see what island hopping through the Tongass National Forest looks like from the most incredible aerial perspective of your life. Or head up to the Mat-Su Valley, deep into the Talkeetna Mountains to fall in love with the breathtaking sights from Hatcher Pass. Get ready to love what you see!

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