Something awesome was just discovered in the Talkeetna Mountains of Alaska and you won’t believe what it is! A 25-foot sea monster that looks exactly like what we’ve always pictured the Loch Ness Monster to look like. The creature that was found buried under millions of years of earth and clay was a marine dinosaur known as an Elasmosaurs.

During the last period of the Mesozoic era when dinosaurs still roamed the earth before their extinction, these Elasmosaurs ruled the sea with four paddle like flippers, a powerful tail, and a long neck with up to 72 vertebrae!

The coolest thing about this discovery is that this is the first ever Elasmosaurs to be found in Alaska. Currently the fossil is in the process of being excavated from the mountainside by the University of Alaska Museum. The remains of the seafaring dinosaur should be on display in the Alaska Museum by next summer, make sure you don’t miss this one of a kind exhibit!

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