So, you call yourself outdoorsy, but you prefer to have some of your treasured “creature comforts” in order to actually enjoy yourself. We get it. Let’s face it… packing a tent, sleeping on rocks and using an outhouse isn’t exactly our idea of a relaxing adventure either. Brace yourself, glamping is taking over the world and it’s the most genius invention ever. What is it exactly? Glamorous + Camping = Glamping! It’s the perfect balance of no-frills and utter relaxation among a rustic, outdoorsy setting without having to sacrifice things like running water and electricity. Take a look at these 10 places where you can go glamping in Alaska that are sure to give you an unforgettable experience.

In a yurt or a rustic log cabin, with a hot tub or maybe even a natural hot spring, surrounded by the seclusion of a remote island, mountain peaks, oceanfront or the strikingly beautiful aurora borealis dancing in the sky… Glamping in Alaska is sure to rock your world and make you fall in love with the great outdoors all over again. Can you think of any others to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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Glamping In Alaska

Is camping free in Alaska?

There are many places in the state where you can camp free. Alaska also has a great rule where you can “boondock,” or sleep on the side of the road in your vehicle, on many areas in the state. Because the state is so large and the amenities are so few, this is a good option for many travelers who are heading out long distances. It’s also safer for travelers as they can pull over and get a good night’s sleep instead of driving while they’re tired.

Is it safe to camp in Alaska?

Camping in Alaska can be absolutely safe! Your biggest concern is going to be bears. Invest in a good bear proof container for your food if you’re hiking in the backcountry, and then practice bear safety. Tie that container up high and away from your camp. If your car camping then make sure to pack up all of your food safely in the car, and don’t leave anything smelling good around the campsite. Even your chapstick can smell delicious!

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