7 Abandoned Places In Alaska That Nature Is Reclaiming

It’s incredible how quickly nature can take over a place and make it disappear without a trace. Alaska is a big state and there are many places where nature has taken back her land from former occupants and turned it into her own again. There are many abandoned gold mines and bases located around that state that now simply cease to exist. Maybe you’ve stumbled across the remains of an old mining town or army base during your wilderness adventures. Take in those places and imagine the life that used to exist there, it is a magical and eerie feeling to know how small we really all are. Here are several places from around the state, some well known, some not, that are currently abandoned or have been in the past for a decent amount of time. Enjoy and don’t be too creeped out; abandoned buildings are naturally spooky to people, but the history is appealing enough to draw you in anyway.

There are surely many more abandoned places. Share your favorites in the comments.