Arriving in Whittier, Alaska, is a singular experience. You either sail in past snow-capped mountains aboard a ship, or navigate a two-and-a-half mile railroad tunnel through a mountain. Either way, the end view is stunning; green mountains rising up from crystal clear waters. A picturesque harbor filled with boats. A stunning inn perched on the edge of the ocean.

Whittier is small and beautiful, a little secret tucked away in a year-round ice-free port— exactly why the military decided to build the Buckner Building in Alaska, a building that served as a military installation for a decade before becoming one of the most famous abandoned buildings in Alaska.

Take a deeper look into the history of the Buckner Building:

Have you visited Whittier and seen the famed Buckner Building in Alaska? What would you like done to the property— would you like to see it torn down, or renovated? To explore more of this place, take a look at these stunning Buckner Building photos.


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What are the most abandoned places in Alaska?

The most abandoned places in Alaska include:

  • Adak Underground Hospital. This hospital, along with other ruined underground facilities, was used during World War II.
  • Abandoned Boat House. Located in Homer, this and other abandoned ships sit empty and forgotten.
  • Speel River. There was a pulp mill in Port Snettisham and the only thing left here is a landing strip that’s only accessible by boat or plane.
  • King Island. A large collection of stilted buildings sit here decaying and once had about 200 people living there.

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What are the most terrifying places in Alaska?

The most terrifying places in Alaska include:

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  • Ukivok. This was a village that is now just decaying husks of buildings that look absolutely creepy and chilling.
  • Pilgrim Hot Springs. Located near Nome, this area has an old church that missionaries used during the Spanish Flu epidemic.
  • The Anchorage Hotel. This place has been around for over 100 years and is full of history. It is said to be one of the most haunted places in Alaska.

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What are the most haunted places in Alaska?

The most haunted places in Alaska include:

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  • Fairbanks Memorial Hospital. The nursery is said to be haunted and has odd noises, faucets turning off and on, and people reporting feeling cold spots.
  • Eklutna Cemetery. This cemetery has colorful “spirit houses” and people claim to see lights moving around and hear footsteps.

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