Everyone In Alaska Should See What’s Inside The Walls Of This Abandoned Building

Arriving in Whittier, Alaska, is a singular experience. You either sail in past snow capped mountains aboard a ship, or navigate a two and a half mile railroad tunnel through a mountain. Either way the end view is stunning; green mountains rising up from crystal clear waters. A picturesque harbor filled with boats. A stunning inn perched on the edge of the ocean.

Whittier is small and beautiful, a little secret tucked away in a year-round ice-free port— exactly why the military decided to build the Buckner Building, a building that served as a military installation for a decade before becoming one of the most famous abandoned buildings in Alaska.

Have you visited Whittier, Alaska and seen the famed Buckner Building? What would you like done to the property— would you like to see it torn down, or renovated?

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