11 Tiny Towns In Alaska Where The Closest Civilization Is Miles And Miles Away

Alaska has as many villages on the rivers and coasts as there are perfect spots to make a home. These tiny towns are extremely remote by the standards of most of the U.S. Travel here is along the rivers and shoreline in boats and on 4-wheelers in the summer, and dog sled and snow machine in the winters. Bush planes are a year-round mode of transportation.

Modern Alaskan village life is a fascinating mix of ancient and modern. Subsistence living is the way of life and hunting, fishing, and gathering berries are still major occupations. However, high-speed internet and cellphones live alongside the simple way of life that people have practiced in the great land since time immemorial. Tiny towns, in Alaska referred to as “villages,” are fascinating places and if you ever get the chance to travel or work somewhere remote in Alaska, take it. You will fall in love with the natural beauty, the peaceful mindset, and the friendly Alaskans.

See a map of the villages here.

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If you live in any of these villages, or used to, let us know! Comment below with your location.