10 Winter Festivals In Alaska That Are Simply Unforgettable

The dark and cold of winter can drag down even the perkiest of spirits during long Alaskan winters. It might seem tempting just to stay home until it gets warmer and more light outside. But natives of our state have learned to cope by celebrating winter festivals in Alaska that bring everyone to life. Plan a special trip to one of these lively celebrations to fully appreciate the winter. Bring your family and friends for an extra boost of holiday cheer in the cold months of the year.  You’ll be sure to have an adventure you’ll never forget!

Start making plans for the new year and see how many fantastic winter festivals in Alaska you can fit in. The more of The Last Frontier you explore, the more you’ll love it! And we’re sure you’ll agree that the best times of the year are spent with your loved ones enjoying all our unique state has to offer.

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Winter in Alaksa

November 21, 2022

What are the best winter hikes in Alaska?

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Where is the best snow tubing in Alaska?

The best snow tubing in Alaska is at the Arctic Valley Ski Area, where you will find the best snow in the state and plenty of space for other outdoor activities like skiing in Alaska.