10 Staggering Photos Of An Abandoned Orphanage Hiding In Alaska

The Jesse Lee Home in Seward was in operation from 1926 until the Good Friday Earthquake on March 27, 1964. The earthquake damaged the main building and caused the institution to close, and be relocated to Anchorage later, due to the extensive damage. The Alaskan children who lived at Jesse Lee Home were from villages primarily on the Seward Peninsula and the Aleutians Islands. Many were orphaned by the Spanish Flu pandemic, some being the only survivors of their villages. The home was once a thriving community of 120 students with extensive gardens and livestock, but since 1965 the large campus has lay in ruin on the shore of Resurrection Bay. Efforts are ongoing to restore the grounds and buildings. Here are 10 staggering photos of the Jesse Lee Home in Seward.

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Currently, the site is being renovated by the Jesse Lee Historic Preservation Society to become a school again.