Why Everyone In Alabama Should Visit This One Tiny Town

There are many charming towns located throughout Alabama, but there’s something quite special about the tiny town of Mooresville, located in Limestone County. Mooresville is one of Alabama’s most intact villages, and visitors will be taking a step back in time the moment they arrive. Often referred to as “Alabama’s Williamsburg,” Mooresville’s historic homes, beautiful gardens, white picket fences and tree-lined streets give this tiny town its charm.

Mooresville, with a population of less than 100, was the first town incorporated by the Alabama Territorial Legislature, on November 16, 1818. Because Alabama didn’t officially become a state until 1819, Mooresville is actually older.

When Mooresville was founded, cotton was king. Many of the town’s residents were cotton planters, field workers and merchants. Some of the town’s current residents are actually descendants of those early settlers. Today, the town’s current residents farm nearby, but several work in the neighboring cities of Decatur and Huntsville. What makes Mooresville such an incredible place, besides its charm, is that the ENTIRE town is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Mooresville’s post office, built in 1840, is the oldest operational post office in Alabama. The post boxes are numbered 1-48, and a few of the families have had the same box number for several generations. The moment residents and visitors enter this historic post office, they’re greeted with a friendly smile.

The Stage Coach Inn & Tavern (pictured below) was constructed in 1820 and housed the post office until the current one was built in 1840. Today, it’s being used as the Mooresville Town Hall.

Mooresville is home to two churches: Old Brick Church (1839) and Mooresville Church of Christ (1854). Future president James Garfield once gave a sermon at the Church of Christ.

Mooresville’s streets are lined with early 19th century homes, in addition to newer homes. One of the early 19th century homes housed a tailor’s apprentice. This apprentice’s name was Andrew Johnson, who later became the President of the United States.

The next time you’re in North Alabama, near Huntsville, be sure to visit Mooresville. A few moments in this tiny, quaint town will have you wishing you lived here. It truly is Alabama’s Mayberry.

Interesting Fact: If you’ve ever watched Disney’s Tom and Huck (1995), you may recognize several of these landmarks. Mooresville was the primary filming location for this film.