Most People Have Long Forgotten About This Vacant Ghost Town In Rural Alabama

Alabama is home to many small towns, some of which have been left abandoned throughout the years. Over time, these small towns became ghost towns. While some of these ghost towns are well known and still visited, others have been long forgotten. One ghost town, in particular, is Bellefonte, and you can read all about this ghost town in Alabama below.

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Alabama’s most famous ghost town is Old Cahawba, and you can read all about it here.

Address: Bellefonte, AL 35769, USA
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Ghost Town In Alabama

October 23, 2021

What are some other Alabama ghost towns?

Alabama is filled with long-forgotten places including towns. Once thriving, some towns were left to abandon long ago leaving some history and mystery behind. If you enjoy visiting ghost towns, head to our post, Visit These 8 Creepy Ghost Towns in Alabama At Your Own Risk. You will learn about Arcola which is situated along the Black Warrior River and had residents between the 1820s and 1850s. You’ll also read about Riverton, a former trade town, which is actually underwater. It was all but destroyed when the Pickwick Landing Dam was built in the 1930s. You can read about several more ghost towns in the article.

What are some of the most fascinating abandoned places in Alabama?

Let’s face it, abandoned places are quite fascinating to explore and to picture what it was like when it wasn’t abandoned. If you’re up for a road trip, we’ve got you covered with one to Alabama’s Most Abandoned Places. It starts at Bellefonte Cemetery in Bellefonte, which you learned about above. You’ll then head to the site of the old Pine Tree Trail Resort in Bremen before heading to Old Bryce Hospital in Northport. Old Cahawba is next followed by Adams Grove Presbyterian Church in Sardis, and the Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham. There’s no other road trip quite like this!

Are there any hikes to abandoned places in Alabama?

Not only can you hike to a few abandoned places around the state, but you can hike along one! The Old Railroad Bed Trail is a repurposed abandoned rail line that is now a lovely two-mile scenic trail through Monte Sano Nature Preserve in Huntsville. It’s an absolutely beautiful hike!


Address: Bellefonte, AL 35769, USA