Here Are Alabama’s 10 Safest Cities To Live In Or Visit According To The 2019 Safewise Report

Several cities make up the great state of Alabama. While some are great to live in or visit, sadly, others aren’t. Recently, Safewise published Alabama’s 20 Safest Cities of 2019. For a complete list, you can follow this link. In the meantime, the 10 safest cities are listed below.


As you can see, property crime is Alabama’s biggest safety concern.

Do you currently live in, or have ever visited, any of these cities? If not, could you see yourself doing so in the near future? Let us know in the comments below.

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Address: Satsuma, AL, USA
Address: Athens, AL, USA
Address: Headland, AL, USA
Address: Vestavia Hills, AL, USA
Address: Helena, AL, USA
Address: Hoover, AL, USA
Address: Albertville, AL, USA
Address: Pleasant Grove, AL, USA
Address: Daphne, AL, USA
Address: Margaret, AL, USA