You Don’t Have To Leave Your Car To Enjoy This Quirky Alabama Museum

If you think you’ve seen it all, think again! Tucked away in the tiny Alabama town of Seale is Butch Anthony’s Museum of Wonder—a museum like no other.

What started as a taxidermy and artifact room in the 1970s has grown into the South’s most eclectic collection of art, antiques and artifacts. This collection is made up of the strangest, yet most intriguing, things you’ll ever see. People from all over the world have come to view Butch Anthony’s collection of unique finds, and they continue to do so today.

Butch Anthony is the artist and owner of this quirky museum, which fills a 500 sq ft log cabin. A few items you can expect to see if you visit the Museum of Wonder include a collection of Bigfoot tracks, a 65-million-year-old ammonite and several items constructed from cow bones.

Ever since he was 10 years old, Anthony has been passionate about creating things from found objects. He seems to always be creating something from nothing, and the finished pieces are beyond incredible. It’s also not uncommon for Anthony to receive boxes of donated items from complete strangers.

When Anthony isn’t busy creating incredible pieces of art from found objects, he’s operating the Possum Trot—a popular auction house. In March, you might even see Anthony at the Doo-Nanny—a festival he founded.

You’re probably asking yourself, “Where is the quirky museum I can enjoy from the comfort of my car?” To answer your question, one of Anthony’s most unique features on his property is the Drive-Thru Museum, which allows visitors to view a collection of items displayed inside shipping containers. It’s also been called the “World’s First Drive-Thru Art and Antique Gallery.” Anthony constructed this unique museum to control the crowds of people that show up at the Museum of Wonder. Even though the Drive-Thru Museum receives many visitors, the Museum of Wonder still experiences large crowds.

The next time you’re driving through Seale, Alabama, be sure to take a detour and visit this eclectic museum. If you’re unable to tour Butch Anthony’s Museum of Wonder, check out the video below to see what all it offers. His amazing house is also featured, which is completely decorated with found objects. It truly is a definite must-see!

For more information, visit Butch Anthony’s websites: Museum of Wonder and Possum Trot Auction.

Museum of Wonder
41 Poorhouse Rd
Seale, AL 36875

Possum Trot
4776 Old Seale Hwy
Seale, AL 36875

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