What A Zookeeper Did In Alabama Is Equally Brilliant And Ridiculous

If you’ve been a living person on planet Earth in recent weeks, you’ve probably heard of Pokemon Go. The augmented reality game has been taking over the world, one Pokestop at a time. Though you might wonder if you’ll ever have another face-to-face conversation with your friends and loved ones again, the game has been credited with getting previously sedentary young people out exploring actual places – even if they are looking at their phones the whole time.

This creates an equally encouraging and frustrating situation for folks at our parks, shops, and other public places, who suddenly experience a huge influx of visitors and quickly realize they’re only there to catch imaginary creatures. One zookeeper had enough and decided to capitalize on the craze to bring attention back to the world’s original Pokemon – actual animals. She created and posted these signs on her exhibits at the Birmingham Zoo in an effort to grab the attention of some of these new visitors. Then, the anonymous zookeeper uploaded them to her Tumblr blog called Zookeeper Problems. We think the signs are an informative and downright hilarious way to engage young visitors. Take a look for yourself:


What do you think of the Birmingham Zoo’s new signs? Has the massively popular game affected your life in any strange or hilarious ways?