Alabama is no stranger to natural beauty. From pristine waterfalls to lovely preserves and majestic mountains to incredible caves, there are many types of natural wonders here in our beautiful state, and there’s no better way to experience these wonders than by taking a road trip, right? Below, we’ve mapped out a super-outstanding road trip that features some of Alabama’s most amazing wonders of nature. The total mileage of this road trip is 512 miles, with an estimated driving time of 9 hours and 47 minutes, depending on if you stop and for how long. Voila:

Can you see yourself taking this road trip? Have you visited any of these natural wonders in Alabama before? If so, what did you think? Also, can you think of any other natural wonders in Alabama?

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Natural Wonders in Alabama

What is the ultimate Alabama road trip?

Well, the answer to that question is certainly up to you and your tastes; lucky for us, Alabama is an interesting state with loads of things to see and do, and it's pretty easy to dream up a road trip for almost anyone! For example, you could do a "weird roadside attractions in Alabama" road trip, or maybe a "ghost towns and abandoned places" road trip. If the weird and wonderful aren't on your list of things you're interested in, there are always ideas like "ultimate Alabama waterfalls" road trips, or even food-related ones, like amazing donut trails or the best ice cream parlors. The possibilities are endless, and it really helps to live in such a fun state.

What are the most beautiful places in Alabama?

That's a tough one; see, the entire state is magical and gorgeous, so it's hard to narrow down an answer to just a couple of items. However, some of the most popular scenic places in Alabama noted for their beauty include the Kymulga grist mill and covered bridge (the oldest in the state!), the banks of the Coosa River and its waterfalls, Orr Park, with more greenery than you'll know what to do with, and Dismals Canyon, a ridiculously picturesque spot in northwest Alabama that you will absolutely need your camera for.

What are some things to do outside in Alabama?

Well, you've got things you can find in most places, like your traditional hunting, camping, fishing, etcetera, but there's a lot more to our beautiful state than just those things. There's also caving (also known as spelunking), canoeing, rafting, and glamping (luxury camping - you need to try it). There are literally hundreds of hiking and walking trails to choose from of varying difficulty levels, and we're home to 21 state parks and eight national parks. How many do you think you could visit in a year? Also worth mentioning are the many swimming holes and ponds scattered around the state, too - they're also all worth a visit sometime. Alabama is an excellent state to live in if you're outdoorsy because the possibilities are infinite!

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