Discover Lifelike Dinosaurs Hiding In The Woods At This Alabama Marina

Alabama is home to many unique attractions waiting to be discovered. In fact, a few of these attractions are located at Barber Marina. For information about Barber Marina, including why you should check out one of its most famous attractions, take a look below.

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Directions: You can either drive US Hwy 98 eight miles east of Foley, Alabama or 21 miles west of downtown Pensacola, FL. You’ll then turn south onto County Rd 95. Following your turn, you’ll drive five miles. You’ll then take a right onto Fish Trap Rd. From there you’ll drive half a mile. You’ll then take a left at the Barber Marina sign. You’ll continue driving for one mile. You’ll see Bamahenge on the right, which is another unique statue built by Mark Kline. After driving a quarter of a mile, you’ll begin to see the dinosaur statues, which are spaced out along the road.

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Address: Dinosaurs In The Woods -- Brontosaurus, Barber Pkwy, Elberta, AL 36530, USA