Most People Have No Idea This Unique Tunnel In Alabama Exists

If you live in, or near, Foley, Alabama, you’ve probably heard all about the Foley Tunnel. After hearing about it, I’m sure you wondered whether or not it existed. Yes, it does exist and there’s a fascinating story behind it. The story even involves a Civil War Era cannonball. Have I piqued your interest? If so, read on.

Located six feet below Foley’s old downtown area is a secret passageway. How it got there and why it’s there remained a mystery for many years until recently. John Snook, a prominent resident of Foley at the time, was the owner of two thriving businesses: Magnolia Inn and Gulf Telephone Company. Because both businesses were located near one another, John came up with a great idea. That idea was to connect the two businesses with an underground passageway. His primary reason for doing this was to be able to go back and forth to each of his businesses while avoiding inclement weather.

The Foley Tunnel also served other purposes. Because the Korean War was currently going on, John Snook was afraid the Soviet Union was going to attack the Gulf Coast. This explains why the interior of the tunnel could easily pass as a bomb shelter. While building the tunnel, John and his wife, Marjorie, made an incredible discovery. They found a cannonball that they believed was from the Civil War Era. It’s now displayed in a parlor at the inn. The doors in the tunnel are currently fused shut, meaning it’s no longer usable and is closed to the public.

Check out this video if you want to learn something REALLY AMAZING about this tunnel:

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