This One Easy Hike In Alabama Will Lead You To Someplace Unforgettable

Alabama is home to many incredible hiking spots. However, one of them stands out among the rest. Which hiking spot is this, you ask? This hiking spot is the one and only Dismals Canyon, which is located in Phil Campbell.

Without a doubt, Dismals Canyon is one of Alabama’s true hidden gems. One of the reasons why this canyon is such a unique place is because of its location. It’s in the middle of nowhere and hidden from the world surrounding it. It’s also one of only a few places where dismalites (glow worms) live. These tiny insects come alive as soon as the sun goes down, and nightly tours are available for those wishing to view them.

While hiking the 1.5-mile trail through Dismals Canyon, you’ll come across a variety of plant life, a winding stream, two beautiful waterfalls, six natural bridges and several cliffs and boulders.

If you plan to go hiking at Dismals Canyon, here’s the trail you’ll follow:

If you’re curious how beautiful Dismals Canyon truly is, here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect to see during your hike:

If you’ve been to Dismals Canyon, what did you think about it? If you haven’t, does it sound like a place you’d want to visit? Share your thoughts with us!

Dismals Canyon
901 Hwy 8
Phil Campbell, AL 35581

Monday-Thursday: 10am to 5pm
Friday: 10am to 9pm
Saturday: 9am to 9pm
Sunday: 9am to 5pm

Note: Because the operating schedule changes regularly, be sure to call before you go. (205-993-4559)

Visit this website for additional information about Dismals Canyon.