When it comes to quirky attractions, Alabama doesn’t disappoint! There are several one-of-a-kind attractions located across the state of Alabama just waiting to be discovered, including the quirky “Dinosaurs in the Woods.” If you’ve ever visited this attraction, then you know how truly special it is. And if you’re unfamiliar with this dinosaur forest in Alabama, you can learn about it below.

Have you ever visited this unique dinosaur attraction in Alabama? If so, please share your experience with us in the comments section. If you haven’t experienced this dinosaur forest in Alabama, don’t forget to add it to your bucket list. It’s an absolute must-visit for dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages!

For more information about the town of Elberta, including other attractions it offers, be sure to read about the quirkiest town in Alabama that we think you’ll absolutely love.

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What are some interesting attractions in Alabama?


From odd roadside attractions to mega-sports complexes, and one of the world's best haunted houses, Alabama knows how to entertain. Here are a few interesting attractions in Alabama to put on your bucket list:

  • Grave of Miss Baker, Huntsville, AL: Many people enjoy visiting graveyards, not only to visit loved ones who have passed but to take a look back in time. This special tombstone at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center is honoring a unique astronaut - a squirrel monkey. Miss Baker was the first animal to fly into space and return safe and sound on May 28, 1959, when she was only two years old.
  • African Village in America, Birmingham, AL: Is it a junkyard or a sculpture garden masterpiece? Either way, this unique Alabama attraction is worth stopping for. Joe Minter began collecting and creating this garden of folk art creations in the late 1980s. Each year it grows in scale and wonder as each piece is erected to tell a story.
  • Sand Mountain Park, Albertville, AL: This 130-acre fun park is the ultimate summer attraction for active families. With 16 tennis courts, 14 outdoor turf fields for soccer, lacrosse, football, and baseball, a huge outdoor waterpark, multiple playgrounds, an indoor fitness center, and an outdoor amphitheater that seats 7,500 people, there is always lots of fun to be had. There is even an RV park if you want to spend the whole weekend, or longer, enjoying the facilities. Don't have an RV - no worries. You can rent one from RVShare!
  • Atrox Factory, Leeds, AL: If you are up for the fright of a lifetime (don't worry you probably won't be scared to death), test your fortitude by going to the Atrox Factory. It is a frightfully good haunted house experience with live actors trying their best to scare the bojangles out of you as you travel from room to room - over 50,000 square feet of screams!