These 12 Counties In Alabama Have The Worst Drivers In The State

Whenever I’m out driving, I sometimes wonder how some people are able to have a license. Many people today just can’t drive–and don’t even get me started on texting and driving, or applying makeup while driving down the road. Just the other day, I spotted an older gentleman reading a book while driving down the road. That’s right. READING A BOOK! I’ve seriously seen it all.

Alabama is home to several terrible drivers. According to ALDOT’s Crash Facts 2012, the following 12 counties have the worst drivers. Note: The calculation used to determine the ranking was as follows: Total Crashes 2012 รท Population. The result is the number of crashes per 1,000 residents.

Did any of these counties surprise you by being on the list? What annoys you the most about today’s drivers? Let us know in the comments below!

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