This Swimming Hole Has The Clearest, Bluest Water In Alabama

From oceans to lakes, and rivers to streams, Alabama is home to many clear bodies of water. With that being said, there’s a particular swimming hole here in Alabama that’s considered to be one of the clearest and bluest bodies of water in the state. This popular swimming hole, which is named “Blue Hole,” is located within the Turkey Creek Nature Preserve, in Pinson, Alabama—just 15 miles from Birmingham.

Hands down, the Turkey Creek Nature Preserve is one of Alabama’s most beautiful areas. The “Blue Hole,” which adds to the preserve’s natural beauty, attracts visitors both near and far. After viewing the following photos, you’ll understand why this swimming hole garners so much attention.

And now for the photos:

The “Blue Hole” is pretty amazing, isn’t it? This popular swimming hole is one of the biggest attractions at Turkey Creek Nature Preserve. However, it’s not the only thing the preserve offers. For example, here are a few things you might experience if you visit this beautiful area:

What do you think? Alabama is such an incredible place, isn’t it? As you can see, Turkey Creek Nature Preserve features many amazing things, including one of Alabama’s most beautiful swimming holes. For more incredible swimming holes, take a look at our previous article: Here Are 9 Alabama Swimming Holes That Will Make Your Summer Epic.