What Washed Ashore During Hurricane Isaac In Alabama Is Unbelievable

Following Hurricane Isaac in 2012, the remains of an old sailing ship were uncovered on an Alabama beach six miles from Fort Morgan. This discovery left people wondering where the ship came from and how long ago it wrecked.

According to local historians, the ship is the Rachel – a schooner built at the De Angelo Shipyard in Moss Point, Mississippi during World War I. She was primarily built to carry cargo, specifically lumber, in the gulf. The Rachel was completed in 1918, and at more than 150 feet long, she was the largest ship built at the shipyard.

During the year 1923, the Rachel was carrying a crew of about eight men on her first voyage, along with a small amount of cargo. She unfortunately ran into a heavy storm and was destroyed. The men aboard, who were headed to Mobile after a quick stop in Cuba, survived the storm. Because this voyage was during the time of Prohibition, it’s believed that the crew members were carrying illegal alcohol to make extra money.

The most interesting fact regarding this shipwreck is that it usually washes ashore every few years. Its wreckage was first uncovered after Hurricane Camille in 1969. Following Hurricane Ivan in 2004, it reappeared. It also reappeared in 2008 after Hurricane Ike. Without a doubt, this shipwreck is an amazing piece of history that you just don’t come across every day.

The video posted below shows the ship’s wreckage that Hurricane Isaac uncovered in 2012.


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