This Abandoned Funeral Home In Alabama Will Chill You To The Bone

Warning: The video below has content that is seriously creepy and possibly offensive to some viewers.

What is possibly one of the most startling examples of abandoned exploration was captured at an abandoned funeral home and mausoleum here in Bessemer early last year. The owner dreamed of creating a mausoleum like the Catacombs of Europe, where people could be laid to rest in shelf-like rows, as opposed to the traditional burial. From 1992 until his death in 2009, he made that dream a reality, building and running Memorial Mound in Bessemer. When he died in 2009, the facility was closed and most of the remains were relocated. For some reason, though, the process of closing and cleaning up the facility was never completed.

In the video made by Autopsy of Architecture, we travel through the dark crypt, a flashlight leading the way through each room. What we find is shocking: embalming chemicals, a showroom of empty coffins, and even an open coffin with the decaying remains left inside.

Though some people probably balk at the idea of someone walking into an abandoned funeral home, the maker of the video said that they did not break into the building. You can also tell from the video that the place had been discovered by vandals long before. The video actually ended up getting the attention of local authorities that was desperately needed to get Memorial Mound properly taken care of. Since the video was released, the building has been locked up properly, and the remains of several people have been removed. Efforts have since been made to locate relatives and have them reburied. You can read more about the story on


What do you think about this video and the story behind it?