This Amazing Aerial Flyover Captures A Beautiful Sunrise Over An Abandoned Base In Alabama

It’s hard to imagine this abandoned military base in Anniston, Alabama bustling with recruits in training, but Fort McClellan was once one of the largest Army bases in the nation and served as home to the Army’s Chemical Corps, Military Police Corps, and Women’s Army Corps. The base was used as a basic training facility for new recruits and an estimated half-million troops passed through Fort McClellan. Many of these soldiers were undergoing extensive training in preparation for the Vietnam War.

Fort McClellan was placed on the BRAC (Base Realignment and Closure Commission) and closed in 1999. While some of the former training buildings are being repurposed by the community, other areas of Fort McClellan have fallen into decay and ruin, leaving a ghostly skeleton of the once-great military base. This drone footage captures a unique view of the sunrise over the abandoned structures.

This is Part 2 of Ryan Williams’ drone footage captured at Fort McClellan – Check out Part 1 and visit his YouTube channel to see more amazing aerial work and his explorations of other abandoned locations!