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Most People Have No Idea You Can Do This One Awesome Activity In Wyoming… Part 2

There’s not an ocean anywhere close by, yet this activity typically performed in an ocean is becoming extremely popular in the landlocked state of Wyoming. South of Jackson, along the Snake River, nature provides the unique opportunity for river surfing. Snake River is actually known as one of the best surfing rivers in the country.

Lunch Counter Rapids are some of the best known rapids on Snake River. They are a Class III whitewater section where there is an ocean size wave raging about 5′ high on the left bank of the river. This rapid was named after a guide going down the river who commented while approaching the wave, “if we are going to eat our lunch, it’s going to be right here.” Surfers here jump from a nearby rock and then use the eddies to approach the wave. You can actually spend more time surfing the wave in the river than one in the ocean.

Check out this YouTube video by CNN.

Have you ever surfed a wave at Lunch Counter?

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