The 7 Weirdest And Strangest Things That Have Ever Happened In Wisconsin

We don’t get as much press about strange things happening in our state as, say, Florida, but some strange things have happened here. And these strange things have been memorialized on YouTube. So enjoy some of these strange stories that have come out of our great state.

1. Two little girls stabbed their best friend because “Slenderman told them to do it.”

2. People were really convinced that the Hodag exists.

3. And they were convinced that the Beast of Bray Road was a real thing.

4. Remember that time a pheasant chased a hunter?

5. The time that Wisconsin girl totally went off on Bath & Body Works just never gets old.

6. Do you remember when no one could figure out where the sounds were coming from in Clintonville?

7. But then there was the time that Screech from “Saved by the Bell” got sent to jail for stabbing someone in a Wisconsin bar.

Some strange things happen here, but it sure does make it interesting. What other weird things have happened in Wisconsin?