This Is The Number One Unsolved Mystery In Wisconsin And It Will Leave You Baffled

Many people will not consider this an unsolved mystery. Many people have died in La Crosse rivers over the past decade or so. At least nine have, in fact. The recovered bodies tended to have close to double the legal alcohol limit. A lot of alcohol in the system, paired with rivers that can be somewhat volatile, can quite convincingly lead to a fatal result.

Nevertheless, it is curious that so many people have died in this manner. This just isn’t typical of all places with rivers and college campuses. It has led people to come up with all sorts of crazy theories, from foul play that is made to look accidental to something paranormal.

The paranormal activity theory might be the most intriguing, because of all of the theories offered, it just is the most unlikely. Nevertheless, some people went to the trouble of making a documentary all about this.

What is your theory?