The Bizarre Wisconsin History Of The Only Person To Be Crowned Monarch On US Soil

This is one of the weirdest things I’ve ever read.

He started to tithe to the fishermen and others who lived on the island. He then made polygamy mandatory and all of his male followers were required to have at least two wives. At this point, Strangites were the only folks on Beaver Island. President Millard Fillmore tried to bring the King in hand, charging him with all kinds of crimes. Strang defended himself and won against the federal government.

Strang headed back to his settlement and things were quiet for a few years. In 1856, King Strang caught his business partner in bed with one of his wives, so he quickly had him publicly lashed 79 times. Members of their settlement who were already unhappy with other Strang mandates were easily rallied by the business partners, and the mob attacked Strang. He was shot three times and was clearly dying. He was put on a boat back to Voree and he died on July 8, 1856. He’s buried in Burlington Cemetery.

And that’s how a tiny Mormon settlement in south central Wisconsin was the home and final resting place of the only King to be crowned in America.