This One Easy Hike In Wisconsin Will Lead You Someplace Unforgettable

There’s something about summer that leaves us wanting to be more active. We want to immerse ourselves in nature and get out on the trails. But after all that hibernation over the winter, we really might not be in the best shape. Did you know that there are plenty of trails in Wisconsin that are easy to hike, even if you aren’t an expert hiker?

One of the best trails you can go on is the Ice Age Trail. If you walked the entire trail, there’s no way that would be an easy hike, since there are 1,000 miles. But you can pick virtually any portion of the trail and it’s super easy to hike. You can do 2 miles or 200. Trails are well-maintained and there is a strong sense of pride to preserve the trails. What’s great is that the trail goes through some of the most scenic parts of Wisconsin: woods, prairies, rock formations, and lakes. You will love every mile of it. It might even inspire you to start hiking more often.

Have you ever hiked this trail?