What Happened To These Cars In Wisconsin Is Absolutely Terrifying

Let’s get the week started off right with a cautionary tale. It’s never, ever a good idea to park your car on a lake. Even if the lake is supposedly frozen. Why? Because there’s always the chance that the car will fall into the lake. And that would be bad. Well, a bunch of people just this year did not heed this advice and indeed parked their cars on Lake Geneva. No one was injured, which is why we can be okay laughing about it. But file this under “don’t ever do this.”

As you can imagine, Twitter was abuzz, and the comments about the unfortunate people who decided to park on the lake were not exactly forgiving. We can’t post some of the comments, but we can show you this sweet pic taken by Levi Baerwolf.

Getting the cars out of the lake was a challenge. Doug Rindfleisch shot a good video of the last car getting pulled out of the lake, which you can enjoy here:

Were you there? Were you unfortunate enough to park your car on the lake?