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The 8 Best Places to Hide In West Virginia In The Event Of a Zombie Apocalypse

West Virginians are tough and we know how to survive in hard times. There is no doubt that West Virginia could survive a Zombie Apocalypse. ranked the Mountain state as the #12 state most likely to survive an invasion of the dead. Now everyone knows that in order to survive a zombie apocalypse you have to have a protected place to hide. Let’s look at the 8 best places to hide from the walking dead.

These 8 places are perfect spots to hide and survive a zombie apocalypse. Now we need to find our state’s Daryl and Rick to lead the way!

Tammy Marie Rose
Tammy loves life in West Virginia and couldn't imagine raising her three children anywhere else.She loves the simple life and believes that the key to a happy life is simplifying! She is an author, who enjoys living outside the box and coloring outside of the lines.