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5 Things Everyone Gets Completely Wrong About West Virginia

Generalizations are often made about the more rural states. West Virginians are definitely no strangers to being portrayed stereotypically. Since the Mountain State’s inception, West Virginians have often been portrayed as backwoods, toothless hillbillies. Even today, these misrepresentations of West Virginians are still a part of both local and national subconsciousness.

Here is a look at the 5 worst stereotypes about West Virginia that need put to rest for good.

These stereotypes are just silly when you really think about them. People from West Virginia are just like everybody else…but maybe with an extra helping of awesome thrown in.

Tammy Marie Rose
Tammy loves life in West Virginia and couldn't imagine raising her three children anywhere else.She loves the simple life and believes that the key to a happy life is simplifying! She is an author, who enjoys living outside the box and coloring outside of the lines.