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These 6 Haunted Hotels In West Virginia Will Make For A Spirited Stay

West Virginia has a long history of hauntings and haunted places. As a paranormal fiction writer places like these 6 haunted hotels really interest me. I have actually visited the Blennerhassett Hotel, which is stunning. Though I did not see a ghost, I did have a feeling of being watched when I was in the library and it did have a faint odor of a cigar.

Let’s take a look at West Virginia’s 6 most haunted hotels.

Did I miss your favorite haunted hotel? If so share your story with me in the comment section.

Tammy Marie Rose
Tammy loves life in West Virginia and couldn't imagine raising her three children anywhere else.She loves the simple life and believes that the key to a happy life is simplifying! She is an author, who enjoys living outside the box and coloring outside of the lines.