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The Little Town In Washington That Might Just Be The Most Unique Town In The World

To know Leavenworth is to love Leavenworth. You’d be hard-pressed to find a Washingtonian who isn’t charmed by our little Bavarian village nestled in the Cascade Mountains. Still, calling it the most unique town in the world may seem like a bit of a stretch—after all, there are also Bavarian villages elsewhere (such as actual Bavaria). But there really is no other place like this on Earth. Leavenworth is one of a kind.

How inspiring that Leavenworth went from the brink of extinction to what it is today. Here are some other charming small towns in Washington that are worth visiting.

Jessica Wick
Jessica Wick is a writer and travel enthusiast who loves exploring new places, meeting new people and, of course, beautiful Big Sky Country and every part of Washington State.