Why People Go Crazy For This One Scone In Small Town Washington

Looking at its population size alone (38,609 as of 2013), Puyallup doesn’t really qualify as a “small town.” But anyone who has ever lived in the area knows that it definitely has a cozy small town atmosphere, especially when compared to its neighboring cities of Tacoma and Seattle. And when the Washington State Fair and the Spring Fair kick off, it becomes a chaotic place as people from all over the state come to enjoy the fun.

Ask anyone who visits the Fair every year to tell you what they most like to eat there, and you’re practically guaranteed to get one answer: Fisher Scones. And if you’ve ever tried them, you know how addicting they can be.

If you’re craving a Fisher scone after reading this, good news: The Washington State Spring Fair is April 20-23, so you’ll have a chance to savor them soon. These delicious treats definitely belong on the list of iconic Washington foods.