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You Will Fall In Love With These 23 Beautiful Old Barns In Virginia

Ever since I was little, I’ve been fascinated by barns. I love seeing them set back in a field, along the highway or tucked away in the woods down a back road. And with Virginia’s rich history of farming and agriculture, you don’t have to go far to see these stunning structures. They come in every shape and size – and no matter what state of repair they’re in, they serve as a part of history for the families who built them. These 23 barns are just a few of the many here in Virginia. Just imagine the stories they could tell…

Do you have any old barns near you? Or better yet, do you recognize any of these? Tell us your barn stories in the comments below!

Anna Strock
Virginia staff writer for Only in Your State, freelance writer and journalist. Even though Anna has lived other places, somehow Virginia is where she always seems to land.