4 Epic Train Rides In Virginia That Will Give You An Unforgettable Experience

We live in a fast-paced world. It seems like these days, traveling folks are increasingly eager to arrive at their destinations. But zipping to the next stopping point often robs us of the entire travel experience. Fortunately, trains accommodate both the traveler and the sight-seer, taking us to a new destination while we sit back and enjoy the views.

While train rides may have been replaced by faster modes of transportation, nothing can quite compare to the experience of riding a train, especially one that runs through Virginia. It’s a timeless experience. The following train rides will offer unique views of the countryside, mountains, and valleys, and all corners of our beautiful state. Save yourself the hassle of driving in traffic and relax in an old-fashioned or modern train car. You’ll be glad to enjoy the ride.

It’s sad to think about train rides as something of the past. Hopefully, with so many museums dedicated to the history of trains and locomotives, train travel isn’t something that will disappear altogether. Have you taken any of these rides around Virginia? We’d love to hear about your experience!